Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors

Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors

The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors



Urgent Call 


Three civilians have been killed today during the 6th of January protest marches, this is another violation which clearly demonstrates the Coup regime continuous bloody attack on our people.



The coup forces stormed Khartoum Teaching Hospital and fired tear gas inside its emergency department!


Information about large multiple injuries from bullets, stun grenades. The Coup forces have besieged Al-Arbaeen Hospital earlier today and obstructed the arrival of the injured as well as prevented the transfer of the injured from it to specialized hospitals. 


Immediate action is required from Health Organisations to ensure safety of protesters and access to treatment.


The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors:


<< Central Committee of Sudan Doctors

<< Sudanese Doctors Syndicate

<< Sudanese Consultants and Specialists Committee