Unified Office Of Sudanese Doctors

Unified Office Of Sudanese Doctors

The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors




Report on the Human rights violations to health facilities, medical personnel, and health care delivery made by the Sudanese Security Forces since October 25th. and (the day of the Military Coup).


1. The National Blood Bank employees have been forcefully stopped from performing their duties on the 25th October.


2. On 26th. October, the Coup forces deprived five civilian detainees from receiving medical care at Eldaeen Hospital. They had pre-existing chronic illnesses and were unwell with COVID 19. 


3. On 30th. October, wounded civilians were denied access to Omdurman Military Hospital.


4. On 30th. October, ambulances carrying wounded protesters, were violently stopped. This has also resulted in significant damages to the vehicles.


5. On 13th.November, military troops were put on roads leading to hospitals with the intention of stopping patients, who are victims of live ammunition and tear gas, from gaining access to medical care.


6.The Coup forces invaded and disturbed the delivery of medical services. Here we highlight, some examples of such malpractices that took place at the following hospitals:


    - Elarbaeen Hospital in Omdurman city: 


Accident & Emergency Department was invaded, and wounded civilians were arrested from inside the hospital, with the use of excessive physical and verbal abuse.


   - Sharq Elneel Hospital in Khartoum City: 


The Trauma and Emergency Department was invaded, doctors were body searched, and one doctor was arrested from inside the hospital with the use of excessive physical and verbal intimidation. The doctor was subsequently released later in the day.


Kassala Hospital was also violently invaded by the military coup forces, denying doctors access to the hospital in an attempt to abort a peaceful protest organized by Kassala Hospital Doctors on 15th November 2021.


On November 17th, Police forces fired tear gas inside Ahmed Qasim Hospital in Khartoum North.


On November the 21, Police forces fired tear gas inside Khartoum Teaching Hospital, right next to the intensive care unit and the neonatal department.


In the name of the Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors, we strongly condemn the massive violations of human rights that have occurred since the coup, especially those that have claimed the lives of dozens of civilians as they exercise their legitimate right to peaceful demonstration. In terms of our professional and moral duty, we also condemn depriving the injured and sick of access to health care and preventing the medical staff from performing their duties.


We appeal to the human rights organizations and the international community at large, to show support and solidarity with the Sudanese people and take the appropriate actions.


21 November 2021


The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors:


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