Statement on the continued use of the killer (cartridge rifles) against protesters

Statement on the continued use of the killer (cartridge rifles) against protesters

Central Committee of Sudan Doctors. 


Statement on the Continued use of the Killer (Cartridge rifles) against protesters 


Since the 25th of October Coup, victims of this scattered gunshot weapon are:(8) martyrs and (747) injured.


First use of this killer weapon by the security forces was in the year 2019. However, it has been heavily resorted to after the October 25, 2021 military coup d'etat.


-In one day in March 2021 (101) protesters were injured with this cartridge weapon.


- In one case of an injured protester revealed more than (27) bullets scattered in the body of the victim of this killer weapon. Most of the injuries are in the head, neck, chest and abdomen.


-The Coup authorities have been using numerous means that prove to be most effective in causing death and harassment to the revolutionary youth.


-Since the 25th of October Coup, the new killer (cartridge rifle) resulted in (8) Martyrs, and more than (700) injuries.


-The main danger of this killer weapon, the cartridge, lies in the large number of small scattered bullets. (The latest victim of this weapon , died on June 16, 2022), with a large number of scattered bullets that are able to penetrate into the chest, spread inside the viscera and near the arteries and veins in the chest, abdomen and head. In one of the documented cases an injured protester sustained more than 27 scattered gunshot. 


This type of weapon leads to some serious complications, such as chronic pain, especially when directed to the nerves and under the skin. This weapon also leads to weakness in joint movement, and may require surgical intervention; bearing in mind the complexity of surgical operation due to difficulties in removing splinters scattered inside the body after settling in vital areas, which may cause bleeding if trying to remove the cartridges particles.


Some studies have also indicated that cartridge use may lead to stress, anxiety, and other psychological and clinical complications.


The Committee notes that counting the number of injuries with the cartridge weapon is confined to the cases that have reached the hospitals. There is no doubt that many other light injuries with this weapon might have been treated by field aid teams. Those are beyond our control and count.


The Committee also points out that on March 21 massive protest, (101) cases of cartridge rifle wounds were monitored, including one serious injury that led to the loss of the victim eye, a vital and sensitive organ.



CCSD’s Media Office 

June 19, 2022