Report No 2 On The Events In West Darfur

Report No 2 On The Events In West Darfur

Central Committee Of Sudan Doctors 


Report No. (2) on the events in West Darfur


- (176) death cases.


▪️This does not include cases that had not been subjected to autopsy, or not even reported, so as to be added to the count.


- (220) Injuries cases:


▪️ Some of those are critical, and some have been transferred to hospitals outside the State for treatment.


▪️ El Geneina Reference Hospital is still closed. We consider this to be a crime against humanity, for which the State authorities are to be held responsible. 


Health services in the State are not adequately equipped for handling Emergency injuries cases.


▪️ The Military Hospital, and another private hospital in the city of El-Geneina are the only working hospitals , but their services are not available to the most citizens, because of the poor security conditions.


CCSD shall later publish a detailed report on the types of injuries, and the qualitative and categorical distribution of death cases.


May God Almighty bless the souls of our dead .


We wish speedy recovery to the wounded and injured.


CCSD's Media Office


April 27, 2022