Central Committee of Sudan Doctors (CCSD)

October 30th, 2021

((Preliminary Field Report on October 30th, 2021 Protests Injuries))

Transitional Military Council (TMC) militias have opted for brutal use of force against peaceful civilian protestors, who filled the streets across the cities of Sudan against the TMC coup against the civilian transitional government.

Below is a preliminary report on the injuries sustained during the marches.

⭕Al Qadarif

- Two (2) cases of burnt injuries due to tear gas canister

- Two (2) cases of injuries due to tear gas canister

- Three (3) cases with cuts due to stick hits and run over by militias vehicles

- One (1) injury case caused by vehicle over-run, currently undergoing surgery.


- 12 various cases of injuries due to a life ammunition wound in the chest and the abdomen. Currently receiving treatment in Al arbaeen hospital.

- 7 cases of injures were admitted to Omdurman hospital, with three of them caused by life ammunition and 1 case being unstable.

- Two (2) injury cases with bone fractures.

- 1 injury case in stable condition.

- 17 cases of various injuries.


- One (1) case was wounded with 3 bullets, 1 in the chest and 2 on the hand. Is in stable condition.

- 61 various cases of injuries, most of them are suffocation due to tear gas.